look to this sentences and wich one is correct and why???/

Dose she has a car.. or.... dose she have a car
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Does she have a car.

I know it seems as though it should be has 'she has' but if you rearrange the sentence you will see that 'she does have' would be correct whereas 'she does has' wouldn't.
Nader, I'm pretty sure you mean "Does," right?

Does she have a car.

When you have the "does" (or "do") in the question, the verb is the bare infinitive.

Does she play the piano?

Do they sing like that all the time?

Did she paint that picture?
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look to this sentences and wich one is correct and why???/

Dose she has a car.. or.... dose she have a car

Hi Nader,

Hope this can help you....

Whenever we are in the situation where a question or a sentence is formed with “do” or “does”, we can treat them with the rules of the modal words such as: might, may, must, won’t , will, should and shall etc. The rules require the verb closet to the modal word to be in it’s basic or plural form.

For example: will Mary come tomorrow to the party?

She must have a lot of work to do.

She would like to have a glass of milk.

Do we have enough time to get it finished?

Does he know that he must attend the meeting?

Does this help?
You can only have one s-marker in a verb phrase.

have - no s-marker.
has - has the s-marker.
do - no s-marker.
does - has the s-marker. (Note the spelling.)

So once you start your question with does, you already have the s-marker, and the word has cannot be used because it, too, has an s-marker. So it has to be Does she have ...

(And you have to put the s-marker on the first verb of the verb phrase, so you can't say Do she has, either!)


By the way, the same is true for the d-marker, as in did and had.
You can't say Did she had (two d-markers).
You can't say Do she had (d-marker not on the first verb).
You have to say Did she have ...
Thank you for all
CalifJim your explanation is new for me
as I know :

he,she,it ..... has
I,they,you,we .... have
so I was wondering why she ... have

that's all
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That listing:

he, she, it has
I, we, you, they have

only works when the question word do or does or did is not present and when negation is not present.

Here's a more complete form of the list:

he has, she has, it has;
does he have?, does she have?, does it have?;
he does not have, she does not have, it does not have (negations)

I have, we have, you have, they have;
do I have?, do we have?, do you have?, do they have?;
I do not have, we do not have, you do not have, they do not have (negations)

CalifJim it's wonderful .....

thank you
does she has is correct
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