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Have you ever heard Ozzy Ozbourne speak? Real 'brummy' Birminghan accent - LOVELY!
I don't think so. Does he have a program on tv? His name sounds kind of familiar.
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Every Wednesday evening on MTV - He was the lead singer of Black Sabbath.
What does MTV stand for?
Music Television - MTV Europe - 24 hour Music Video channel.
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I don't think I have ever watched that channel.
It's renowned for its yearly music awards and movie awards.
Who are British here? I have this thing for French and British accent--they sound classy, IMO. I just listened to Elton John and yes, he does have a British accent, but it still sorta sound American.
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I heard Elton John in concert last Sunday and I didn't think that he sounded very American. However I think spending so much time in the U.S. has influenced his song writing immensely.
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