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Ozzy's accent is great!
I couldn't agree more Woodward. Have you heard his kids speak though? Totally different - they've lived in America all their lives!
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I can't believe you are so biased.
I'm not biased at all - I just think that having an American accent is non-defining really. There are very few American dialects which make it rather boring in my opinion!
You are definitely not in a good mood. Don't put the blame on the Americans!
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Ok, I apologise for the negative vibe! (I'm not really in a bad mood) Seriously speaking, I find it a shame that you don't really find regional dialects in the US.
Don't you think that people from New York speak quite differently from people from the Middle West or California?
Of course they do! However you wouldn't dream of finding the amount of accents and dialogues that are found in the UK, Germany, Switzerland, France and most of the rest of the world. I bet you that there are hundreds of Spanish dialects too!
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and SAmerican speakers, too.
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