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You mean he has a posh accent, then.
We've been through this before. RP is not a 'posh' accent!
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but it is undoubtedly a good accent!
Well in my opinion it is. It's the easiest accent for learners of English to grasp.
No doubt about that!
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People who are British can (TRY) and speak with an american accent... It's really funny. My friend who lives over in UK cracks me up.. Especially when he tries to imitate the way Americans say "water"..
Osbourne has an accent yes, a drug and whatever stamped accent... Emotion: smile
Nevertheless, that show is funny and I'm glad they didn't dare to dub it here. It's one of the few shows broadcast in English with subtitles and hey, I'm even happier there are subtitles - sometimes it's very hard to get what he's saying... ***
Sorry, I thought maj's last posting on the first page would have been the last one already...
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What does RP stand for?
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