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Well I must say that reading through this post there's a lot of scepticism coming from British people about americans, and rightly so, I'm British, and yanks don't half talk a large amount of ***.
Accents in England are vast, this means that they must be grouped into what is called a single accent, but varies.
I live in a town 4 miles long, and 5 mile wide, as i leave my town the accent changes, it's just not a big enough place to have a name and be a competitor, the reason for this is the way English townies are brought up, stay in the place of birth, which is tiny indeed.
I'd also like to point out the vastness of america 'the stolen land', in comparison the England, I know that the above post defends the fact that america does have accents, but this is for different and less authentic reasons, like some greasy Spaniards live nearby, or 'we border on a place WITH an accent, so what. 50 in the south alone you say? WOW (says the cynical man) that's only 8 times bigger than england, how DO you fit it all in?

I know you'd like to banter about having diversity, but ney, Europe is diversity, america was just empty, and the British pilgrims gene pool, if not backed up with enough of other races people, would have resulted in a bunch of low-IQed, brainless, fat, commercial, TV-orientated.....well, i suppose they all died on the boats...

As for singing, British accents CAN lead to problems sustaining notes, and sometimes not without making a word confusing, think of the times you hear a song and you say "what did he/she say then" that's sometimes the cause. and the 't' pronounced as a 'd' in-between vowels may sound blatantly american, but this style has been before america existed, it's just natural, in speech i'd just call it lazy (or at least the queen would) as it speeds up a sentence - see also south African, Australian, New Zealand, Ireland, well everywhere but England.

PS, if you find this offensive you must understand that this is the way English people rib each other. I can't help being who I am, any complaint will be inarguably racist.

'Gentlemen, the best post ever.'
Interesting post Mr 'Gentlemen, the best post ever.'
No complaint from me, even though I am inarguably racist! If there was any one thing I would really like to change, it would be the dictionary definition of 'racism'. I would like to travel the world seizing peoples dictionaries and scratching out the bit about 'antagonism' - replacing it with 'recognition of differences' between races. I'm sure whoever wrote the first dictionary was certainly not God, because it is WRONG WRONG stark raving bonkers WRONG!!!!
Maybe there is already a word that expresses such recognition of racial diversity and difference, if so it would save me a lot of work and many BIC (one French product I DO like ) pens.
So considering the incredible variation of accent in Britain, ( an itty-bitty and very SEXY country) and America (a very very really truly really big FLUFFY one) , isn't it interesting that despite it's similar immense size, Australia has virtually no variation by geographic area! There is variation, but this is by educational background - not locality.
God save the Queen's English!!!!
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A post worthy of the greatest one. The point of Australian accent is interesting, then again i have met only australians from 3 areas (and i bet you can guess those) in amsterdam and that gave me 1 in 3 chance to guess their homeland.

As for the racist bit, i was of couse making a joke about the over-use of the word...
In england it is fine for a foriegner man to say what he likes when he likes about white people, but as soon as there is even the slightest mention, that someone has any different traits whatsoever, or perhaps the smallest whisper, of, in an empty room, that a black man or woman has brown skin, someone pops out and screams "MONSTER" at you and you are burned to death. Racism is something that some people love to jump on, hence my slightly obscene witticism.

With love, Whitey ***....see, how did that sound?
Yeah gotta agree with that; the world loves to overcompensate - I love the idea of differences, I'm so glad we're not one race - I can't stand people who swoop around like vultures waiting for a "cause" to consume.

IMHO the definition of a racist person is not somebody who recognises a difference and comments on it (even if it's critical). I *** at my non-white mates just the same as I *** at my white-mates - if I didn't then I'd be racist.
I am very depressed someone told me I have an American accent and the man who said that was very nice indeed.
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Oh oh, I'm having a kitchen-science flashback!!
Does anyone remember a song by Blue Mink called 'Melting Pot'?

What we need is a great big melting pot
Big enough to take the world and all its got
Keep it stirring for a hundred years or more
And turn out multi coloured people by the score

...... just as long as we don't all wind up the same!

Who was it said; 'variation is the spice of life' .... I love Spice, and the Supremes, and Edgar Winter (now that dude is REALLY white!!)
Greasy Spaniards?? No one in my family, is was, or ever has been greasy thank you very much. How 'bout those Brit sterrotypes too numerous to list here.....

J. Romero

N.B. I love the U.K. in any case.
I'd say the lack of American dialects so different from each other that people 50 miles away can't understand each other is a triumph, not a blemish.

The idea that someone from Amsterdam can't understand someone from Veldhoven is ludicrous to me. People are so sheltered by regional strife or simple unwillingness to travel that they've developed their own incomprehensible dialects? Ridiculous!

Considering the profusion of languages around the world with insane numbers of dialets, the fact that someone from Riverside, California and the Bronx can understand each other AT ALL is completely amazing!
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I too believe that there are so many different accents/dialects in the U.S. I am from Minnesota, and most people know, even from movies and tv that Minnesotans have a distinct accent. However, within the state there are several variations on the accent even though to us they sound the same. That is just one state and nearly every state and or region is the same. It sounds like a lot of the people that think we (as Americans) have few dialects, haven't spent much time in the states.
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