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Allo all,

I was just readin' this out of curiosity and i saw this comment made "If you want a great singer, who sings with a truly British accent and about British themes try Billy Bragg. I have never heard him affect an American accent"

I come from London and im a cockney fella and I dont know if you know or not but the term 'Billy Bragg' is cockney rhyming slang for 'shag'

Sooooo, there ya have it. Just thought id tell ya even though it was posted yonks and yonks ago.
I was highly amused by the person who said all American people can do a British accent. lol!

Perhaps it would be more accurate to say American people imagine they can do a British accent. Most American attempts have us absolutely falling about laughing - it is rare even for a professional actor (US) to manage a British accent with any authenticiy. There are lots of mangled attempts that us Brits have a good laugh about at the cinema, and I would say that if they can't usually do it with the aid of voice coaches etc, what chance does the average American have?

The worst case I think of recently is the character of Daphne's brother in Frasier - a completely sub-stand *** van ***-esque (who infamously mangled an attempt at cockney in the Mary Poppins film) atrocity of an accent. What about all the historical blockbusters with hilarious US attempts (or lack of attempt).

The only decent ones I can think of are the American woman who played a Brit in 'sliding doors' and Cary Elwee (or something like that) who does a fantastic sarcastic upper-middle British accent and has been in movies 'The PRincess Bride' and 'Men in Tights'. Men in tights (a Robin Hood Spoof) appeared just after the 2 Hollywood Robin Hood movies and contained the fantastic line: 'unlike other Robin Hoods, I can speak with an English accent!'

what a laugh! You've made my day!
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There are many different British accents so it is quite possible for two British people to meet and barely understand each other. Some are notoriously difficult for 'outsiders' to understand.

We also have a lot of dialect words used in different parts of the UK, which can also cause a blank face if used in the wrong area.
That's rather arrogant.
I think what he meant was that Americans can at least ATTEMPT the british accents, where as some other accents are just too foreign to try. No one is saying Americans have perfected it.

I sincerely doubt any normal British person could handle one of our accents either, not enough to fool anyone into thinking they're American. I would point out British mistakes in acting American, but I can't tell you the last time I saw a Brit movie. Lock, stock, probably...

There's always Cary Grant to make fun of, I guessEmotion: smile
Hi, what the original poster said, that I disagreed with was (quote)

'can british ppl do other accents(non-actors)? like australian or canadan or spanish or chinese? cause i here some can and some cant, but americans, we all(well mostly, everyone i know, at least) can do a british accent, australian, chinese, and etc, to some extent, lol which i think its funny when i here brits say no they cant do them. '

He/she seems to be saying that Americans have a natural talent for accents and that they all can do a British accent. I just pointed out that what Americans think is an English accent rarely is, and that even professional USA actors usually can't do an authentic English accent, with some notable exceptions.

I made no claims for English people being any better at American accents.
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I have a feeling Cary Grant must have had the most unusual Britsh accent ever. I don't think he ever tried to sound American. I think it was just C. G.
How about Lloyd Grossman? What on earth is that man trying to do?
Never heard anyone sound so weird and amusing. Laugh a minute. Riveting and unbelievable.What is that accent?
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Not only does he sing with one, I think he speaks with one too!
I guess thats because hes probably spent more time over in the states than he is in Britain, his home country. I live fairly near Pinner, where he is from and me and the local community all sound completely different to him!

I think the same about Tony Blair, raised in Durham & Scotland, sounding like a posh Londoner!

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