Dear Friends,

Have you read The Old Man and the Sea by Ernest Hemingway?

What is the main lesson which a reader learns from this novel? Is there any inspiratiuon for a reader or it's just a novel without any lesson?
One of my favorite short novels, Jackson-- I've read it five or six times now. Novels are not written with lessons in mind, but good ones make us consider our lives anyway. What does OM & TS tell you?
Dear Mr. Micawber,

I haven't read OM & TS but I have went through its summary. I have also seen a movie with the same title as novel which starred Anthony Quinn. I really like that movie.
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It is one of my favourite novels. I consider the Old Man & the Sea and Robinson Crusoe are similar. Both of these stories are happening in the broad sea and the main role is just one. I think these two novels are easier to understand and to remember. The language is simple to understand. There seldom complicated depictions.They are good for the beginning leaner of English.
I like it, it is a wonderful work of Hemingway, i feel quite sad after reading it. It reveals the miserable fate of human being. Though we struggle as hard as we could, we still cannot change the situation, but man need to keep the grace under pressure, that's a quite pessimistic result the story tells us.