I like books written by modern Russian writer Valentine Rasputin ( http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Valentin_Rasputin ). Have you read any?
Hi Petr

I remember reading his book, Live and Remember. I was impressed.

Is he still writing? I've heard that he turned to a politician.

See you!
Valentine Rasputin have never been a politician. He is writer and only writer. But in 1990s massmedia ignored him because he was in opposition to President Boris Eltsin. Recently I have read "Ivan's daughter, Ivan's mother". I've found this book beautiful...

Rasputin's daughter perished from Irkutsk aircraft crash.
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Hi Petr again,

The last book I bought of his work is a documentary, Siberia, Siberia... (published in 1991). Beautiful picture book. Then I heard that he'd elected as a deputy of Irkutsk region (.. or just stood as a candidate? I'm not sure). That's why I thought that he turned to a politician.

His style has some power, definitely (IMHO). He's a bit too serious, though... I didn't expect at all that a young guy like you would like him Emotion: smile
I prefer serious literature.

Now I read "Lancelot's pilgrimage" written by Yulia Voznesenskaya. I classify her books as serios fantasy like Clive Staples Lewis' ones.
Pity, both authors are new to me!

Poka! [C]
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Clive Staples Lewis is a classical author in English literature. He is also theologian and philosopher. 'The Chronicles of Narnia' is his most famous book.
A-ha! If you had written "C.S. Lewis" I would have reminded of him, even though I haven't read "The Chronicles of Narnia." Clive staples Lewis, huh...

By the way, Petr, we joined this forum on the same day ;-)
I've read "The Screwtape Letters" and "The Great Divorce" in Russian translation. The second book is great!
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