I went to see it last weekend. Not bad at all. (And the hero was especially attractive...) Emotion: stick out tongue
Do you mean the guy who played James Bond attractive? I don't think he is attractive at all.


I'm probably going to see it on DVD.
i saw the movie, begining was quite interesting but later it's not so good. Not much action.

Rating: 2 on 5.
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Disappointed. I like the movie with fruitful contents. Previous James Bond series make me satisfied. However, this one is opposit. I dislike the new image of James Bond. He is not the hero image in my mind. In my eyes, he doen't like a good man full of sense of justice. The plot is unattractive. It concentrate more on the gambling instead of spy action. It is totally disappointed. I don't like the beginning that he chases the black man. The proceeding of chasing is so long that I feel bored. It looks that the director extremely intends to stress that episode that I consider is not tightly connected with the main contents.
LeviaIt concentrate more on the gambling instead of spy action. It is totally disappointed.
That's true.
I just saw it last week, and I loved it. I was never a Bond fan, it's this film that got me interested.

And yes, Daniel Craig is VERY attractive indeed. Emotion: wink

As Eva Green, the actress who played Vesper Lynd, said, Daniel Craig is not a pretty boy; he's a ruggedly handsome man who has lived life and you can see that on his face. Emotion: smile
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I just saw it. This Bond is very cool. He is also reckless with a super ego.
I have watched that movie previous weekend. So for me for example it waste of time. I not liked it at all. The main hero look like no human being. I think that need to correct the name of movie. Better to name it 'Superman-3' or 'Spiderman-4'