If someone is facing a dangerous situation and he has been told "he should have that confidence that he can take care of himself" to what the "have" implies? to achieve?

So that if you're god forbid, you're in a situation that's possibly dangerous or even just uncomfortable you should have that confidence that you can take care of yourself

anonymous to what the "have" implies? what does "have" imply?

It has its usual literal meaning.

To have confidence is to possess confidence, just as having a book is possessing the book.

Confidence is interior, and a book is exterior, but the concept is the same.

anonymousto achieve?

No. It's not a matter of an achievement.



It seems that the one who said that was blaming the other one who faced a dangerous or an uncomfortable situation.

If I faced a certain situation and someone told me " You should have that confidence that you can take care of yourself."

I could feel bothered by his saying BUT "it depends also on the type of the situation."

If the situation really doesn't deserve that fear/worry, I wouldn't be bothered by his blame. I would consider it because I know myself. Maybe there is something right about his blame to me.

If the situation was dangerous, really dangerous such as facing hungry lions that were escaped from a zoo, for instance. Then I wouldn't care at all about his saying nor blame, I wouldn't even consider it, because he's not in my shoes to realize what it means to face hungry lions . In addition, it's normal for humans to feel scared or terrified during dangerous situations like that. So, his blame wouldn't be on its position.

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