hi, have you ever see the indian movie " Kal Ho Naho" ... it's a romantic movie, it's wonderful ...

if you have ever seen it, just tell me what you think about the nice movie?!!!

thank you
No I haven't seen this movie AngelDee... But I take this opportunity to give a warm welcome to an Algerian girl Emotion: big smile... Not so many Algerian folks around here Emotion: sad.
We don't get to see that many indian movies in France, and they wouldn't retain their original title...
Ahlan wa sah'lan anyway,
When I was a child I used to like Indian movies. They are colourful, beautiful and mostly about love ;-) They are some kind of fairy-tales. At least such movies were shown in Rusisa.

Could you tell us what this movie is about?
Students: Are you brave enough to let our tutors analyse your pronunciation?
Yea me too Amelie. I think it was a common picture of ex-Soviet man. Emotion: smile to like and be fond of Indian films.

Now, I don't think reasonable to kill time by watching films of the same motive, that usually lasts more than 3 hours. In fact the end you can guess from the very beginning. Emotion: smile

I hope indian fellows here will not take umbrage. I do respect Indian culture, but not the way your films convey it.
I haven't seen it... Is it worth to be downloaded? Emotion: smile