In this sentence below do I use "have" honored or "has" honored?

Since 1985, the Northeast Spa and Pool Association have honored the memory of Harold J. "Duke" Ellington's love and devotion to the swimming pool industry
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Well said, Anne
Thank you, Abbie. Emotion: smile
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To say that something is 12 feet tall is to state a fact.
To say that something is proper is not.
There are numerous adjectives which have the same property of lacking 'absoluteness'.

-- Gosh, it's hot in here.
-- No it's not. It's freezing!

I can't see how the first speaker could possibly mean anything like: "It is objectively hot in here for everyone. Not that I feel that it's hot, but that anyone would. This is not a matter of opinion. That it is hot in here is an objective fact."
It is precisely for that reason that the second speaker can respond, "Do you really think so?" or "I don't feel that way" or "Really? For me it's rather cold".

I don't think it's necessary for every proposition to be prefaced with an "I think" or "I believe" or "It is my opinion that" to assure that the listener understands the proposition as an opinion. I do notice, however, that many people are so convinced of their opinions that they themselves have come to believe that their opinions are facts. In such cases one can only shrug and move on.

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My comments on this issue have nothing to do with whether BrE uses 'have' or 'has' and which is better. Neither is better. The choice each dialect makes is what is best for that dialect.

But to suggest that there are superior dialects of any language illustrates a profound ignorance of what language actually is. It is the equivalent of someone believing in phrenology.
Dialect is what makes language interesting. Some I love, some I frankly dislike, but they are all interesting, and all contribute to the colour of language.

On the other hand, I suppose each language has its own "received pronounciation", which is neither better nor worse than dialects, but simply one which is recognised by everyone.

I'd disagree with Jim; as a BrE speaker, I would prefer "has" - but (sadly!) that doesn't make me right!

Language is rather more than grammar rules. Emotion: smile
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It is the equivalent of someone believing in phrenology.

I'm still waiting for my five quid!

Peace, love and avocado juice all round Emotion: smile
Mr. P.,

Was that {bump} like "This space deliberately left blank"?

By the way, shouldn't that be, "It is the equivalent of someone'sbelieving in phrenology"? Emotion: wink

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Ignorance is ignorance, Mr P. You should NOT have edited my response¹.

I'm astounded at the lack of indignation from the moderators here. Some anonymous 'guest' expounds on their ignorance, I provide proof from scientific sources to show that this person is out to lunch, and lo and behold, my post is the one edited. Absolutely astounding!!

Let's all have a great time resurrecting old canards and passing them on to susceptible minds.

Women have vastly inferior brains to men.

Certain races of people are mentally inferior.

'five quid', hmmmmm, could this be you², Mr P? Emotion: smile

Note 17 April 2005

¹ I am not aware that any editing took place.
² I usually charge a bit more than £5.

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