What’s the difference between the following sentences?

Have you ever been to ?

Have you ever gone to ?

I’m confused and have no idea.
Here they mean the same. Generally, 'been to' refers to the experience there and 'gone to' refers to the travel thither and thence.
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It's so clear!

How nice!



What's the difference between the following sentences?

Have you been to India?

Have you gone to India?
Maybe you are not as clear as you think. Please reread the original post and response.
Suppose ‘you ’ have gone to India and are in now and are talking with ‘me’ over the phone. ‘I’ am in the and asking ‘you ’ as the two sentences in my second post (the post at 08:52 PM).

In the situation above, I think “Have you gone to India?” means “Are you in India?” or “Aren’t you in the ?”

In the same situation, does “Have you been to ?” usually mean the same?
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No, and if 'India' means 'India ink' and the conversation is about changing one's medium of artistic expression, they do not mean the same either. Which demonstrates that it is senseless to present statements out of context which you wish to consider in a context. It wastes all of our time, and mine is particularly valuable.


How clear and nice!


I misoperated and didn't show my name in last post (the post at 5:34 AM).

It's me.

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Have you gone to india? Is it a correct sentence
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