Hi all,

I'm a Korean. I'd like to know your opinions about Korea, Korean ,and North and South Korea.

If you don't know well, why don't you surf some Koean web-site? It will be fun.

Thanks..have a wonderful day..


Byungki Park
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I do not know whether it is just me but are Korean websites not in Korean? As regards me, I do not know any korean whatsoever but I do not know, it might be fun as you say. I should jump to conclusionsEmotion: smile

When it comes to my perception of North and South Korea I do not have much to say, as I rarely hear anything about your country. Okay that might not be true since we (Danes) receive a lot of negative information through the media about your country - regarding the nuclear program you have "showed" the world.

Jay. I would actually like to know how it is like to be a Korean?Emotion: smile
Hi X11,

You got a wrong info.

We don't have the nuclear weapon. The nuclear program was planned by North Korea.

South and Northe Korea were only one country before the Korea war (1950). After the war we are seperated in so far.

X11, if you have a concern about Korea, if you like to, visit below web site. It'll help you



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Hi, Byungki Park... : )

I am from Turkey. I study in Malaysia.. I heart many things about Korea. And I have many Korean friends here, in Malaysia... I love Koreans... Korean people are very friendly and kind people . You are(Koreans) very close ... I I have a chance, Korea is the first country that I want to visit. I really want to visit Korea. I want to do my master in Korea/Seoul. Take care of your self Byungki Park.. I am really glad to meet you. : ) I have one more Korean friend( if you accept me as a friend) : )
of course, we have heard of Korea. i'm a Chinese, i live in Shanghai. many Korean businessmen work here, but i bet all of them are from South Korea. in fact, we know much about your country because we're so geographically and culturally close to each other. what's more, Korea and China had a firm tie-up in the ancient time.
nobody haven't heard korea,samsung is a great corporation,and i like jion it.
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Of course I have heard about Korea. I'm a Chinese and many Chinese YA fancy South Korea, especially they fancy SK's music, films, TV dramas and actors. There has been an upsurge in the number of SK's TV dramas on China's television in the recent years and these TV dramas have rose a mass enthusiasm in Chinese YA, but I'm not really interested in South Korea.
Hello BKlove

I definitely have always heard of Korea and most of them are superstars ,actors, bands... They are really popular to people in my country. especially teenagers in here.Emotion: surprise One of my friend is going there soon. she must have fun there. As for me I have never been there thought. --Bye
Bonjour Byungki!
I've heard of Korea a lot, mostly through its TV play, movie and music. Especially the TV play is really so affecting that inspire me a lot... Many of my friends are addict to it
So I'm interested in your country. When I have spare time I'll take a visit to your country Emotion: smile

A tout a l'heure!
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