Hello all.Here I'm a new member.I've just found out here while i was surfing on the net.It seems here there is a good atmosphere.Anyway,i had better get down the bussinessEmotion: smile Have any of you seen *** 2?I loved it much.Looking for feedbacks.

what do u mean by ***.
do you mean that new movie triple X 2 by ice cube if so,it's heavy film.
yeah,im talking about that movie.Ice Cube's film.

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well then I think you should change the title of your topic because they might think something else.
sorry i can't edit my 1st post.Yes,i give you props,'*** Thing' is commonly used to refer porn movies or stuff.But i don't think people get it that wayEmotion: wink cuz *** 2 is popular these,i bet all people know what i mean with thatEmotion: smile

But its called triple X 2 though.anyways i dont think that many people has seen it.
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