Most people decided to have children in their later ages than in the past. Why do people make that decision? Do the advantages outweigh disadvantages?

Given the fact that humans tend to be parents when they reach late ages today than many years ago, I consider it to have more downsides than upsides. Along with this, this trend is due to several reasons.

Regarding the first reason, it is widely known that having babies restricts their career a lot. People, especially women, are supposed to stay at home and take care of their children until the latter are old enough to go to kindergarten. Accordingly, their freedom taken for their hobbies and the opportunities to be promoted will lose. They will no longer able to spend time attending conferences, meetings or shopping, traveling as they must take the time to care about vulnerable newborns. Furthermore, some females nowadays, although they want to have children, are scared of morning sickness, pain, tiredness, and inconvenience when moving since they are not ready for those challenging difficulties. Consequently, they try to delay as late as possible to avoid pain.

After all, to my way of thinking, this tendency includes noticeable weaknesses although it helps people gain success more easily. First, scientists show that infants were born by either mothers or fathers or both of them who are over 35 have more likelihood to suffer from dangerous syndromes such as autism, disability and more seriously, they are stand to use drugs more and have less concentration in studies. Thus, if everyone keeps postponing being pregnant, they will be the cause for the brainless young generation which results in the poverty of a country. Second, generally, the older people get, the more bad-temped they are, and this also affects the way they educate a child. For example, a child can imitate his peppery parents who scold each other and even himself for a tiny mistake all the time. As a consequence, probably that child will be an irritated man whom people have a bad impression on.

In conclusion, the restriction in achievements and spare time and the fear of pains are the main reasons for this decision. Considering the bad effects of the tendency, I claim that they overshadow the benefits.

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