Hi teacher, could you pls. correct my sentence below?

Hi Harry/Wai, having discussed with you, the submission should be based on the new report from the system


Hi Harry/Wai,

As discussed, the submission should be based on the new report from the system.

Best wishes, Clive
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is this sentence correct "i was having discussed some issues" if it is correct so what the different b/t "i was discussing some issues". Please help me ..
Sabih "i was having discussed some issues"
No. That is not a correct tense form.
Also "I" is always capitalized.

Here are some past (finite, with tense) forms you can use:
I have discussed (present perfect)
I had discussed (past perfect)
I was discussing (past progressive)
I discussed (simple past)
I have been discussing (present perfect progressive)
I had been discussing (past perfect progressive)

The non-finite forms (with no tense, no explicit subject) are
Having discussed the issues completely, we left for lunch. (active)
Having been discussed completely without resolution, the issue was tabled. (passive)
dear sir, i know whatever you mean but i have seen many sentences like this that's why i am asking for this one.
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thanks dear.......
Sabih Thanks dear.......
Your politeness is appreciated, but it is inappropriate to address anybody but a close friend as 'dear'. Males almost never use this form of address to anybody outside the immediate family,
Thanks sir, what should i use instead of "dear" for the one whom i am not yet closed with.
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Thanks sir. What should I use instead of "dear" for the one whom I am not yet closed with?

Nothing. Just say "thank you."
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