Hello Everyone!

I took the following tests on TestMagic. Though TestMagic provided very good explanations for their tests but I had problem with the following samples, the explanations were very simple. I was wondering if someone could better explain it for me...

8. Uranium, ____ , is an exceedingly rare and potentially dangerous element.

to found in trace quantities
found in trace quantities

Same problem again. -ing or Ed? -ing or Ed? -ing or Ed? It never ends... Anyway, Erin Billy says that we need the Ed form here because uranium is the object of the verbal found.

finding in trace quantities
to be found in trace quantities

-------I really don't get it, why we need FOUND here? what does it have to do with the object? why we can't use finding?

3. After her death in 1986 many documentaries ____ Georgia O'Keeffe were produced.

related the life and work of
to relate life and work
life and working to relate
relating the life and work of

relating modifies documentaries; we can also call this a reduced adjective clause.

Nor do I get this one. I thought we should use related instead of relating. it sounded better for me!

5. The architecture exhibited in the and conveyed us an idea of the prevailing attitudes of the day is important for the historical and cultural value it represents.

conveyed ==> conveying

The perennial problem: Do I use -ing or -ed? Here we need the -ing form because architecture is the subject of the verbal conveying.

I (Erin Billy) wrote this problem this way because I noticed that many of my students were missing real TOEFL questions (just like this one) because they were simply matching the Ed form in conveyed with the Ed form in exhibited and assuming it was correct that way.

Nope! Not a good strategy--you'll miss the harder questions if you do that!!

it represents

----I don't understand this one,,, (the architechture exhebited in the empire state building and conveyed)? what is the position of exhebited here? and why ing not ed?

6. In 2001 George W. Bush, Jr., entered his first year office
as President of the .

In 2001
office ==> of office

Gotta have this preposition!

as President

why we gotta have this prepositions?! isn't this something like academic year? or ......

Hi you have some interesting questions here. I'll try to explain a few ok.

1) "found" is used because the sentence is in passive form. You say "diamond is found ...." and "petroleum is found ..." etc.

2) I don't have a clear explanation for this one but I think it should be the use of gerund here. If there is an answer saying "related to the life and work of ...", I'll choose that.

3) I can't really understand this one. The sentence somehow looks odd to me.

4) As for this sentence, when you try to say someone is already in his/her Xth year as a president, you use Xth year of office.

Hope it helps a bit. If you need more technical answers I'll wait for the gurus to come.

Happy learning.
Thank you Jay_ZZZ0, that was truly helpful!
Jay_zzz0 If there is an answer saying "related to the life and work of ...", I'll choose that.

However, there is an answer " related the life and work of ..."

I am having a problem in recognizing between the two sentences. I know related to sounds better. But, is related the life and work of.... a wrong one?!

And the third one. I know! it sounds pretty weird ;-p!

P.S. I mistakenly posted this message here Audio: Speech and Pronunciation. it was supposed to be posted in General English Grammar and Questions!