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I was watching a movie called "Police academy" and in that film a guy said "He are ,sir"
He are?? Is this correct grammatically?

Thanks in advance!!
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Was he giving something to another person? It was probably 'here you are, sir' - 'here you are' is a standard phrase that often gets slurred into a single 'herey'are' sound, which would sound like 'He are' to a non-native speaker.
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No, he wasn't giving anything.

There were 4 men in a room and 3 of them were talking.
Here are lines from the scene

A:Who are you?
C: Shut up and sit down Mauser. He didn't ask for your biography.
B:He are,sir
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It doesn't make much sense.

He asked, Sir?
Could it be 'Hear' ? Emotion: rolleyes
You must have misheard, Koto.

Here is the actual dialogue:

Chief Hurst: It's official, Captain Lassard. This is now the worst precinct in the entire city! Burglary up 25%, armed robbery up 30%, vandalism up 44%.
Lt. Mauser: Actually, Chief, if you'd look, burglary is actually up 48%.
Chief Hurst: Thank you. Who are you?
Lt. Mauser: Mauser, sir. M as in man A-U, S as in Sam.
Capt. Peter 'Pete' Lassard: Oh, shut up and sit down, Mauser. He asked for your name, not your biography.
Lt. Mauser: E-R, sir.

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I've listened to the line over and over but still, it sounds like "He are" maybe becasue his "R"sound was strong.
Actually, I've found "he are" in some documents on internet,e.g. " Now he are one."
Is it difinitely wrong? Isn't there any exception?

It's definitely wrong.

Sometimes writers may do something 'wrong' for effect. I googled up a newspaper column on blogging that was titled 'Now he are one' but they were doing it to create an effect, they know it is not correct grammar. This headline was a joke.

Other examples showing up are not examples of 'he are' but rather cases when he and are just happen to be next to each other. He is also the symbol for Helium and a maths symbol, so a lot of the results show things like 'O and He are gases'.
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