in a song from the beatles, a day in the life, there is a verse that goes: He blew his mind out in a car, he didn’t notice
that the lights had changed. But what is the meaning of 'blew his mind out'?.
The nearest i have found in the dictionary is
mind-blowing adj argot asombroso,-a, alucinante: it was a mind-blowing experience, fue una experiencia alucinante
but it has not much sense to me.
Can anyone tell me what they meant to say?
Thanks in advance

Ps: Please,correct me if I make any mistake.
Hello Guest

'He blew his mind out' combines two phrases: 'blow your mind', as in your definition of 'mind-blowing', and 'he blew his brains out', which means 'he put a gun to his own head and shot himself'.

The implication is that he shot himself; but in the next line it turns into a traffic accident: 'he didn't notice that the lights had changed', which means he either hit a vehicle that drew out in front of him, or was hit himself.

So we probably have to take 'blew his mind out' as an exaggerated way of saying 'died'. Or surmise that Lennon was free-associating and wasn't too bothered about whether it made sense or not.

I would hesitate to have to choose between those two options and risk the collective wrath of the world's Beatles buffs.

I always assumed "blew his mind out" inferred going insane and in this case, the man's bout of insanity led him to cause the traffic accident as a suicidal type of event, going crazy from not being able to take the absurdities of his modern life.
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GuestCan anyone tell me what they meant to say?
The artists themselves seem not to have a very clear idea what they meant. See the Wikipedia article. In particular notice the section titled Lyrical inspiration and collaboration.

It means he was dropping acid. When he didnt noticed that the lights had changed. and a car crashed into behind him.

Check it out the beatles where known for there various acid addictionssss
I know exactly what it means, because it is personal to my family. He blew his mind out in a car, is about a man who killed himself over a girl
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AnonymousI know exactly what it means, because it is personal to my family.
Sounds like 'ideas of reference' to me. Emotion: sad


Tara Browne is the subject in this song. He was a singer known by John Lennon and Mike Pinder. Browne was a founding member of an irish group and was the driver killed in a car accident perhaps under influence of drugs or alcohol. I believe wikipedia hs this info.