It's from Stephen King's "Seleten Crew".

Anyway, her funeral made the front pages. It was more than you could say for her brother, who never got past page four in his whole miserable career. It took ten pallbearers to carry her coffin. There was a picture of them toting it in one of the tabloids. It was a horrible picture to look at. Her coffin was the size of a meat locker -- which, in a way, I suppose it was.

Rico wasn't bright enough to hold things together by himself, and he fell for assault with intent to kill
the very next year. I've never been able to get her out of my mind, or the agonized, hangdog way Scollay had looked that first night when he talked about her.


What does the underlined part mean?

Does it mean that he fell from an assault and the assault was intended to kill Rico?
pructusand he fell for assault with intent to kill

What does the underlined part mean?
My interpretation is this:

He (Rico) went to prison after being charged with and convicted of the crime of "assault with intent to kill".
(He attempted to kill someone.)

I see....

I understand your interepretation makes sense...

Thanks a lot...