-I want to know where he is, and I want to know his real name.

-I don't know the guy.

-Gary, I know that you make fake IDs for college kids.
And for every one I find, you're gonna get one year in prison.
And that's the good news.
Because when I find this con guy here without your help,
using one of your fake IDs, that's interstate wire fraud.
Hello, feds. Hello, homeland security.
You're gonna be like a little bug on their windshield.

-He goes by "Roy."

-What, like it says on the license?
That's more idiot talk!

-He...Came in yesterday and used a rental computer, accessed his e-mail,
printed something out.

what doesi it men he goes by "Roy"?

what doesi it men he goes by "Roy"?

He tells people his name is 'Roy'. The phrase usually implies that it is not his real name.

thanks clive.