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He left her on the prairie
He left her on the prairie
Why he left she couldn't figure
And now her belly's gettin' bigger
Out there on the prairie
Every verse gets better. I can't wait for the next one. The story coudn't possibly be improved. I bet you guys love it.
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Will he ever pass this way
Maybe see her maybe stay
If he does she's vowed
To blow him away
Then bury him on that prairie
Ooh I'm runnin' late for din-dins.
Bye for now.
Craving for some more Emotion: crying
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A few years later he decided
To visit her, so he rided (poetic license?)
Mile after mile
To see her smile
Out on that windswept prairie.
Your turn Maj, this cowboy is getting saddle sore!
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Sorry, it was you who started this cowboy song. You finish it.
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