Here are the only few lines I can remember from a song I heard a long time ago in an old American western movie. Does anyone know the rest? Or would anyone like to try adding to them?

He left her on the prairie,
He left her on the prairie,
With no ring on her finger
And time on her hands,
He left her on the prairie. Emotion: crying
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Hitch, maybe you could post the music for this song. I really, really like it.
Maj, would you like to write a second verse?
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You'd better have a go at it. You are full of energy.
They met at the county fair,
She fell victim to his snare,
He whisked her off
And treated her rough,
Then left her on the prairie
hehehe! Rock and roll!
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hey guys, I love this son. Please, please continue. It makes me feel really happy.
It 'aint noise pollution'! Anyone care to write another verse?
You were doing more than fine. I do prefer your pictures. lol.
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