This comes from a transformation exercise:

He really was the person to get the job.
He...........have............... .

I've got the answer key, but I feel the key does not give all possible answers, so I'd like to know your opinions first.
Best regards,
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A bit tricky without some context.

He really was the best person to have got the job / been offered the job / been given the job
Well, that's the problem! It comes from an exam preparation book. You get no context whatsoever.
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What does the answer key say? It seems to me that is you are offered only the verb 'get' then they want to see you use that verb in the correct tense.
In this case you CAN'T change 'have'.
I'd rather wait for more ideas before giving the answer from the key, because I want to check how native speakers would deal with a task targeted at foreign students.
If native speakers will not arrive at the "only possible answer". then what's the point of giving students such tests? That's what I would like to investigate.

To really take full advantage of a learning opportunity, it is best to post your own ideas, because that gives everyone the opportunity to see where you are coming from and to offer sound advice. Emotion: smile

It may be that you will get many more responses if you try this approach, as it gives more opportunity for discussion.

If it is the verb "have" which can't change, then I refer back to my first answer.

"He really was the best person to have got the job / have been offered the job / have been given the job." (I must assume that none of these appear in your text.)

Without a few more clues as to what you are looking for, it is really difficult to give you an answer. You may simply end up getting lots of "I would say XYZ" without any grammatical explanation.

PS sorry I misread the verb in my last response.
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Hi again Demi,

It seems to me that you may be expressing a certain lack of confidence in your preparation book. May I ask which exam you are studying for, and which book you are using?

Can you please give both the exercise question and correct answer for other such exercises in the same group in your practice exam? That way we can get the general idea of how your book expects the answers to be formulated in a "transformation" exercise. I'm not sure I understand what kind of exercise it is or what sorts of transformations the authors of the practice exam had in mind! Thanks.

This is a book preparing students for the Polish 'Matura" exam, which is a high-school final exam, also serving as a university entrance exam in a way.
The book is by Polish authors, although it says it was 'verified'/proofread by an English native speaker.

In this kind of exercise you have a sentence and then you have to write another one using the word given (without changing its form) conveying the same meaning, e.g.:
1. Everyone likes it when others give them presents.
Answer: Everyone likes...BEING GIVEN PRESENTS
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