He was seen to enter the room.

He was seen to have entered the room.

May I ask what is the difference between them?

Thank you for your help!
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But sometimes if someone says " I was to go there." It means " I was going to go there" but now I want to use a passive voice grammar. " I was to be blamed" it can mean" I was going to be blamed" Is that correct?
Anonymous" I was to go there."
There was some requirement or need for your going there.
Anonymous" I was going to go there"
There is no idea of a need or a requirement. It could be that your going there was just a whim.
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Which one is correct?
1- people happy about that are going there tomorrow.
2-people, happy about that, are going there tomorrow.
Neither is correct. Sentences must begin with a capital letter. If you fix that mistake, either one could be used.

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