Yesterday, we had a session in our class, in which we students discussed with our English Teacher our individually faced problems in the Mid-Semester Examinations . He asked me to make a table consisting of three columns, namely, Student's Name, Problem Areas and Teacher's Suggestions. Actually, he didn't tell me the headings and names of the columns, I have suggested them myself. He just asked me to write the problem next to the name of a student. I am not sure whether the headings and names that I have choosen are appropriate or not. I am copying the whole table below to be clearer in dipicting you the situation. Please have a look at it for mistakes and oddities.

Problems regarding the Mid-Semester Examination Policy

Student's Name Faced Problems Teacher's Suggestions

Miss. Rose Time Management To be filled in by the teacher

Miss. Sarah Encumbered with a lot of assignments, and didn't Same

have enough time to prepare for the exams

Mr. Matt The pace of the class caused difficulties. Same

Mr. Nick Couldn't keep pace with the Same

class, beause of late admission

Mr. Martin - Lack of Concentration Same

- Lack of Ideas

Mr. Austin Couldn't understand the examination policy Same

Mr. Richard Wanted some day gaps for preparation Same

Mr. John No problems

P.S. I haven't stated all the students' problems, for I realize you won't have enough time to go through all of them.

Thank you

Mr. Nutty
Your columns could be simpler: Student, Issue(s), Suggestions
I would leave the suggestions column completely blank - or put "(To be completed by instructor)" under "Suggestions" as the column head.Your overall title says problems with the policy. I don't think the problems were with the policy. I think they were issues faced at the time of the examination, but not relating the policies concerning the exam.(I see you use "Miss Sarah" and "Mr. Matt." That's an interesting cultural difference.)
"Same" is in the "Teacher's Suggestions" Column.
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Awww, GG, so nice of you! Thanks a lot!

So can the overall title be "Issues faced at the time of the Mid-Semester Examination by the students of BCS IE" or should I keep "the mid-semester" out and make it "Issues faced at the time of the Examination by the students of BCS IE"?
As long as everyone knows which examination "the Examination" was, you can leave it out.

Good luck.
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Thank you, GG.Emotion: smile