Hello, would somebody please explain what does the below paragraphs means in an Agreement/Contract:
"The headings and marginal notes in the Contract shall not be deemed part thereof or be taken into
consideration in the interpretation or construction thereof."

In some agreement I've seen something written like this:
"All headings in this agreement are for convenience only and shall not affect the meaning of any provision hereof."
Those both mean the same. The headings and marginal notes (I presume you understand what those are) are not a legal part of the contract.
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Thanks Mister Micawber, my understanding about the headings and marginal notes are the titles of each sections in an agreement. I hope I right... please enlighten me.
The headings are the section titles. Marginal notes are short comments written alongside the main text (in the margin of the page).
Thanks again Mister!
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Mister Micawbe, could you please cite an example where the headings were misused to interpret any clause of the contract