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I know what "headline" and what "act" mean, nevertheless I'm not sure what headline acts are. I suppose these are acts/feats which will make that people will write about me in the newspapers etc. and I'll become famous. Am I right?

Eg: We wanted to get out from under headline acts.........

The phrase "headline act" usually refers to a concert or show that has many different acts.
The "headline act" is the one that will be the most popular, and generate the most ticket sales for the concert.
The phrase has been used with similar meaning in other contexts.
In a show of many "acts" -- that is, many different performers, each showing off his or her own talent -- there is always one that is the best or the most popular -- the one that everybody wants to see. People may just tolerate all the lesser talents in the show. They've come to see the headliner. This is the act that will be advertised the most -- the one that will be featured in the headline of the ad or in the headline of the local newspaper that carries a story about the show.

We wanted to get out from under headline acts
sounds to me like a wish to become less conspicuous. Said differently, We wanted to get out of the limelight.

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I see. So I was pretty close in my interpretation, I guess Emotion: smile

Thank you AlpheccaStars!!!!
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Thank you Calif, it was helpful!