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TOPIC 1: Should healthcare be funded totally by the government for every one?

There are some convincing reasons that healthcare system should be fully financed by government. First, since some sufferers, especially those coming from impoverished families find it hard to afford the cost of medical care, the finance support of government in this field is definitely necessary. In fact, the expense of medication, treatment of some medical services is prohibitively expensive, which implies that the government aid can save a million human lives. Second, by subsidizing for medical fees, government can fulfil the responsibility for citizens. This means that citizens pay some required taxes for national budget, therefore, they can reap an array of benefits from basic service rights, including the social medication.

Nevertheless, there are a whole host of perspectives that healthcare costs should not be funded by government. First, if government holds accountable for all the cost of healthcare, it will be extremely unfair to those hard-working and good-hearted citizens. In fact, some diseases were originated from unhealthy lifestyle, such as drinking or smoking too much, and citizens have to pay taxes for government to pay these groundless costs of healthcare which has nothing to do with them, leading to more and more severe debates in society. Furthermore, since the cost of other areas is prohibitively expensive, such as the contamination of environment in recent days, individuals and the government should joinly responsible for this issue to decrease a great amount of money. This means that they will have more expense to invest in some key areas such as education or economy, leading to sustainable development down the road.

TOPIC 2. Doctors should be responsible for educating their patients about how to improve their health. Do you agree with this?

There are some compelling reasons why doctors should hold accountable for giving advice to sufferers. First of all, since doctors experience the process of qualified education and traning, their advice can be more trustful than other sources of information. To be more specific, doctors have at least 6 years of academic training about their majors, such as diagnosis, treatment, helping them have a great deal of certain knowledge to tailor advice. Second, by searching in the Internet for further information, patients are able to put theirselves in dangers. This means that they will encounter misleading information or bad advice, which can worsen their health situations.

Besides, there are a whole host of reasons supporting for this issuse. Third, if doctors agree to take responsibilities for educating not only for their patients but also for all citizens, it will be obviously a good chance to control some epidemic diseases at managable levels. For example, in some countries, the rate of people suffering an epidemic breakthrough named Covid-19 is decreased thanks to a great deal of advice of doctors in the Internet or TV at disposal, which saves a million of human lives as an expected result. In addition, doctors can reap an array of benefits due to their education for patients. In fact, some hospitals tend to pay handsome salaries for doctors who are more dedicated to sufferers, leading to alleviate their budgets and expand their careers.


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