Right as requested here is the game Add Ons. The object is to continue the story by simply adding a sentence, which must start with the third word of the previous sentence. Note: the word's state can be changed, made plural, verb tense altered etc. Ideally we should try and keep to the topic.

For a more in depth description or how to use this as a teaching tool see the Teaching English thread.

So here goes:

As darkness fell I realised I had to make a decision.

HINT: the next sentence must start with Fell or a variation.

[added by hitchhiker] Also, it might be interesting to see how difficult we can make it for each otherEmotion: smile [/added]
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Falling so far from grace was definitely damaging to my morale.
Far from home and the people i knew best; I was alone.
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Home, however, is the place you hang your head.
Is it only me, or can "hanging your head" be quite dangerous at times?
Only if you use 12 inch nails! 6-inchers are painless !
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You'll have trouble finding shops that sell 12 inch nails nowadays - what with Europe and the metric system
Trouble is what you'll be in if you try and force the metric system down my throat.
What might metric systems have to do with this story? I'll explain:
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