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Why would the guy even think about asking such questions? The guy doesn't even know he's dead. Why would he want to know which way leads to heaven? Why would he think that there's an angel and a devil standing in front of him? How could he possibly know that they are not human? Do you often come across angels and devils guarding gates while taking a walk? I don't think so.

If I were in his position, I would either ask "where am I?" or "who are you?". I wouldn't be feeling the need to find out which path leads to heaven or hell because, heck, as far as I know, I'm not dead!

yes but you don't know which one is lying!
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but if they both point to heaven you still dont know which is which because you dont know which troll is heaven or hell.
Ask: Is the other one lying?(are you aloud to tell them both the same 1 qustion?cus if you can the i thinks this is right!)[Y]
Whoever it is we are asking, we'l ask the following question. If I ask the other one what will he answer?

If we had asked the Angel he would tell us that the other will say that he is the Angel (he will be lying)

If we had asked the Devil he will misinform us that the other one is the Devil. So from the answer we will know which way to go.
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not great answer you are only supposed to have one question to ask. came up with one, just to verify with facts if the person is lying - you just ask, is this a door. if they say yes, u know it is the truth and heaven, if they say no, u know it is hell
There's a mistake in the way this riddle has been relayed. You're not supposed to know which door the Angel is in front of, and which door the Devil is in front of. If you did, it wouldn't be very hard, as you'd simply have to ask an obvious question (eg. how many fingers am I holding up) and you'd know who's who. All the information you have is that there are 2 doors (1 heaven, 1 hell), 1 angel who always tells the truth, the devil who always lies, and 1 question which you ask both of them that gives you the answer to where heaven/or hell is. Get cracking Emotion: smile
yes these is a very fun question that my older brother told me i cheated by looking it up when this was a very popular iq question. you simply ask either 1 what the other one would say would be the right path the angel would tell u that the other person would tell u to go here he point to hell. the devil will lie and say the angel will tell u to go here oints to hell so since u can only ask 1 person and 1 question u just go to the opposite place they point to!! congrats for being so smart u are now in heaven.
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you are wrong
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