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hi-its-me ask them to point to where they live. They both point to heaven, because the angel tells the truth and points to heaven, the devils lies and points to heaven. Problem solved
You can only ask one of them one question.
The question isn't accurately portrayed; you can only ask a 'yes-no' question, because the answers can only be a yes, or a no. That should be a hint, along with the fact that the question must be a double negative.
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Oh, yeah, I just read a manga about this riddle and the double negative question is "If I asked 'Is the gate behind you Heaven's gate' would you reply with a 'yes'...?" -> if you point to the demon (who is guarding Heaven's gate), he will say "yes" (because he would reply to the first question with a "No" but for the sake of lying he turns that "no" into a "yes") and the angel wil say "Yes" (because you are really pointing at "heaven's gate). Otherwise, if you pointed to the angel (and thus Hell's gate), the angel would say "No" (the thuth) and the devil would also says "No" (because he would reply to the first question with a "Yes" (lying that Hell's Gate is Heaven) but for the sake of telling a lie he turns that "yes" into a "no"). So the person just need to go to the gate they both answered "yes" or avoid the gate to which both answered "no".
Hope it wasn't too confusing =/
Ask what the other entity would say is the identity of the entity to whom you are speaking. The demon will lie and say it is an angel according to the other entity, whereas the angel will tell the truth and say that the other entity would call it a demon.
Ask both gate keepers "can you tell a lie?" Hell keeper will lie and say no...heavens will say yes, but chooses not to by choice!
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But they look the same and you don't know which is which.. how are you suppose to ask the angel and devil when you don't know who is whi

that doesnt come close to answering which gate

You ask them 'if I asked the other one the way to safety what would they say?'. Then do the opposite.
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He would ask is this the door to your home, the devil would say no and the angel would say yes. Then you would know who is the angel and who is the devil.(your welcome) 😊