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My Fren tested me this riddle and i still couldn't solve , so need help

Question :
When a person dies, he will be walking along a path. At the end of the path, it splits up into two different ways. One way is to Heaven and One way is to Hell.

An Angel which will only tell the truth is guarding the Hell's Gate. A Devil which will only tell lies is guarding the Heaven's Gate. They both looked the same so by looking at them, you will not know who is the Angel and who is the Devil.

Without knowing anything about himself, not even knowing that he had died. He can only ask ONE question to determine which way is to Heaven.

What will the question be?

hint : questions like "am i dead?" "are u angel?" won't work. think hard enough. this is a IQ question and the answer is logical.

That person knows that the Angel is guarding the Hell and the Devil is guarding the Heaven. He also knows that Angel will be telling the truth and Devil will be telling lies. He does not know anything else.

Please post ur ans thank you.(especially if you knew it)
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It doesn't matter which is the liar. Just ask either one "which would the other say is Hell?"
Since the truth-sayer would point to hell, the liar will say the truth-sayer would point to heaven, thus pointing to heaven.
Since the liar would point to heaven, the truth-sayer will point to heaven.
So no matter which you ask, they will point you to heaven.
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My father once asked me this riddle, and gave me a rather interesting hint. He said, "minus-minus-plus", meaning, "a double negative gives you the positive". I've found various occasions to apply that, whether inside or outside my maths paper!

Just wanted to share...

- Joy

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Nice one Joy , i "a double negative gives you the positive". will have to remember that [Y]
ask them to point to where they live. They both point to heaven, because the angel tells the truth and points to heaven, the devils lies and points to heaven. Problem solved
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You can ask the following question to either entity -

"If I was to ask the other entity, which gate would they point to which leads to heaven..."
Ask "Is there a fork in the road? The angel will say yes. The devil should respond no.
Hi-its-meask them to point to where they live. They both point to heaven, because the angel tells the truth and points to heaven, the devils lies and points to heaven. Problem solved
Great answer!
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