India has a much bigger university than other country

is it correct why we said a much

Can we say a lot

anonymousis it correct why we said a much


Do countries have only one university, with India having the largest one of all?

I think you meant this:

Indira Gandhi National Open University, located in India, has the largest number of enrolled students of all the universities in the world.

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I mean does the sentence have correct grammar

When we use a much not just much

He has a much bigger imagination than I do. (The noun "imagination" requires an article.)

His imagination is much bigger than mine. (If there is no noun, then there is no article.)

His smartphone is much more expensive than mine.
He has a much more expensive smartphone than I do.

His smartphone is a lot more expensive than mine.

Thanks for answering

Most places are busier during school holidays than at other times of the year

Does this sentence have correct grammar

busier correct here

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I can't resist commenting that your sentence is incorrect because you have not ended it correctly.

You have also not correctly marked the end of your question.

Many learners here seem to think that punctuation errors are not really errors.

Yet if you look at how the native speakers post here, they very rarely make punctuation errors.


cat aqua 48Most places are busier during school holidays than at other times of the year.

Yes, it is perfect after putting the period (full stop) at the end.

Thanks for answering

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cat aqua 48

Thanks for answering

After reading the above replies you still failed to end that sentence with a punctuation mark.

I sometimes wonder why we bother.