My name is Toan. I study English at RMIT, an Australia International University. I gonna have an Oral presentation on week 38. My topic is "The influences of English on Vietnam in the last 20 years". I try to compare the two periods, 85-95 and 95-2005. It may focus more on the later period as Vietnam and America opened diplomatic relations in 1995. You know? I haven't had an Oral presentation before. Hope that I can have some ideas and recommendations from you on this topic.
G'day Toan,
You will have to start the assignment yourself and give us something to work with. We should not do the assignment for you.
Thanks mate,

I'm now trying to finish a draft of my presentation. I'll post it when I have done.
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Hi Toan,

Correct me if I'm wrong but what I got is that your problem is twofold:

1- Need some Ideas about the topic itself(The Influences of English on Vietnam in the last 20 years )

Well, about the first point, do as Robyn Terri suggested you first, because you won't be able to utter any word if you do not make the research work. What I can add to that is, use a scientific approach. According to the way you've spelled Influence in your topic(with an s), I guess you'll need to expand your work, and explore several (otherwise all) the points where English hit the Vietanamese society : Culture/custom, people's habits and way of life, religion, Market, Technology, etc.
Do not treat the topic in a General way.Recall that Vietnam is almost a French speaking country. Make sure at least the most important ereas related to the topic are covered(that's mean refer to your supervisor, if you have any, and ask him what are they).That's what I can say for the first point. I unfortunately, can't suggest you any reference materials to help you carry out your research. Have a look though to your University's library

2-Need some tips to get ready for the Oral presention

As regard to the presentation, practice it in your room,(when you are done with the research work) preferably, in front of a mirror(though in the presentation room you won't be alone).

-Classify your ideas, in a sequencial order.I suggest a top-down manner .
-As it is an oral presentation I guess there will be a constraint on the time allocated to present your work. Make sure then that you do not go in detail in the ideas you are to present. Tell the essential. Practice it again
-Do not speak fast, that will disclose your fear and do not be slow. Keep a constant pace.
-Speak aloud(but do not shout, just make sure everyone can hear you as clearly as possible)
- Make sure that you give all the parts, the same time, and divide that time into the total amount of time that is allocated to you.
- If you feel the fear taking hold of you, take a short pause(keep in mind that the clock is clicking though), and a deep(but silent) breath before you star/resumet.
- very important, make sure you are properly dressed, and be comfortable wthin your clothes. Do not let the tie strangle you

That's what I can tell you for now.
Robyn TerriG'day Toan,
You will have to start the assignment yourself and give us something to work with. We should not do the assignment for you.

Hi All,

This is my first draf, please give me your recommendations.

In 1985, the economy of Vietnam was still subsidized by the government; we applied the close diplomatic policy. All the media such as movies, documents, books, magazines from capitalistic nation (especially from America) were controlled very tough.

English was only used in diplomacy agencies, import export companies and at the border gates. In secondary high school, students were taught English as well as France and Russian. English was just like an optional foreign language to learn in school as the others. There are not many differences between them. People who speak English well at this time are mainly the elder. Most of them are English teachers, intellectuals or the office worker who served in American offices before 1975. Therefore the need of using English was not much.

Since 1995, Vietnam has an innovation in foreign policy. This period is the starting point of the economic growth of Vietnam. I will list three main reasons that make changes to the spread of English in Vietnam.

  1. In July 1995, Vietnam and America opened the diplomatic relations, agreed to normalize the trade and travel between two countries. A lot of foreign companies open their brands, representative offices in Vietnam. They employed Vietnamese employees. It is certainly that only people speak English fluently are qualified for the job.
  2. Thanks to the new diplomatic policy, our export value was growing over year. That mean we have more business with foreign companies from over the world. Most of them use English as the lingua franca to communicate with Vietnamese. Also the official documents like contracts, L/C, invoice, bill of lading and so on, used English.
  3. In 1998, the movement of studying overseas rose remarkable. The student mainly studied in English speaking countries.

  4. The Vietnamese realized that English will be more needed in the near future. They started to learn English to get the degree of English as the ticket for their better jobs and educations. As the result, the English centers grew like mushroom. At the beginning, there were only state own schools with Vietnamese teacher staff. Because the employee just needed the English degree at B level (there are three degrees A, B, C which were issued by the ministry of education) to apply for a job. In fact, to communicate well with foreigners and understand the documents, people need more than this. For example:

    1. Working for a foreign company, you not only need a certain degree of English but also the true ability to speak, read and write English.
    2. If the professors or students want to research the new technology, they must be good at English, because most of the material as well as web pages are written in English.

    3. To meet the demand, the International language centers were soon opened. All the teachers there are native English speaker. The numbers of these language centers keep increasing every year and the teaching quality is increasing also.

      Today, great numbers of Vietnamese speak English, especially in many fields like tourism, services, trade and education. English is not only spoken by well white-collar workers but also blue-collar ones.

      In the future, Vietnam will join WTO and has more business with foreign partner. I believe that English will be more and more used in our country.

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Directions say: Identify subordinate clause and tell wither it is an adjective clause, adverb clause or noun clause.

1) Along a racetrack, he set up many cameras whose shutters were controlled by threads stretched across the track.

2) They were the first artists in history to know exactly what a horse really looked like at each point in its stride.

Directions sayIdentify the noun clause and tell how it is used: subject, predicate nominative, direct object, indirect object or object of a perposition.

1) My sister Michelle made another discover at the bowling alley.

2) Later on, I was pleasantly surprised by the delicious baked beans.

3) Someone should give whoever inveted Boston baked beans an award.

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hi Toan ! i'm a student of Ha Noi University of Foreign Studies and i already made my presentation in the first,second semesters, and debate in the third one! I'm very happy to give u some experience. The most important thing you should know is that your speech has to be clear. The clearer the better!!! remember that! And u should clarify your purpose, what u want to convey! U use powerpoint or poster? But things u show in the poster or powerpont will help u so much in ur speech! remember keep it clear and cohensive!Emotion: smile Good luck !!! ( i got 8 in my presentation Emotion: big smile )