could someone please check it for grammer, paragraph structure and to see whether the sentences are structured correctly. Basically I want to make sure everything is correct. I hope someon can help me, it is a page long though:

Ever since I can remember I've always liked sports so when the opportunity came I decided to take Physical Education for AS I had previously taken GCSSE Physical Education and thoroughly enjoy the subject and also enjoyed it at A Level. I learnt about adaptations to training. I also about what the body systems have to go through to biologically improve which is one of the reasons I want to take sports science; I want to learn more about the connection with Sports & science using this information with within a career of coaching sport I would be able to help athletes reach the next level of their sport, help them get their career back on track /their usual level or rehabilitate them. At the same time of coaching individuals or a team I want to show them they are not just throwing a ball or kicking a ball, I want them to know that is scientifically superior to others or they can reach the level of those who are superior to them through the combination of science and sport, not through gamesmanship or banned substances.

I first realised I wanted to coach and help athletes reach their potential in their sport when I did some coaching in Antigua (West Indies) with my uncle, who was a former International Football Player. My uncle was coaching children aged 7&8 who went to school. I was lucky enough to be asked to help coach, which improved my ability to perform demonstrations. I also learnt how to interact with kids who live different lifestyles, adjust to a different environment and how to bring new ideas into training sessions. Through coaching my experiences in Antigua the knowledge I would gain from my degree would help the performers improve technically, physically & also I would help their self-esteem if they are confident or not making them better performers and individuals.

When I am not studying I like doing recreational activities with my friends such as football. I enjoy watching & participating sports such as football, cricket and elite track & field (especially IAAF World Championships) but Football is my favourite sports though injury, I played for my school football team which we reached an borough cup final which we lost & I also played Enfield F.C for a long time. I am currently looking for a team but I also have persistent hamstring injury. I also like reading material on Caribbean Culture & History, socialising with friends & being with my family.

My love for sport makes more me determined to get on the course and I know I will be totally committed to it.

I mostly developed my sporting interest through my uncles who are heavily involved in football I have had trials with Colchester & Leyton Orient. While going to training on a regular basis at their training grounds I got to see that football teams consisted more than the managers and I got to see the professional footballers at work. What I learnt about these positions I knew I liked the idea of being a physiotherapist or a top-class fitness coach.

I will be looking forward to going to university to learn about sports science, especially as I know it will take me to the career I want also hopefully after this degree I will do another in Sport Rehabilitation and Injury Prevention or Physiotherapy. Doing another degree will widen my knowledge & increase my chances of a career I desire in the professional sports world.

please could someone check it Emotion: big smile
u talk alot about your uncle and his experiences, you need to show your more than 1 dimentional ie talk about other subjects u study etc, what sports you participate in should only take up a small amount and you should talk more about achedemic skills!
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double check you're spelling there's a lot of mistakes,also read other the way you put things across,so it sounds better.