Hi, I'm New. I have just completed my Trinity TESOL on Feb, 2004. I am currently looking forward to teach English in Hong Kong. Kindly suggests some websites for job search or should you come across any job vacancy in HK, I will appreciate if you can let me know.

Thanks & ciao
Do a search for [url="http://search.tesall.com/cgi-bin/ss_query?keys=%22hong+kong%22&sitenbr=135666777"]"hong kong" on TESall.com[/url] and follow the links. They will take you to a number of different job boards and you should be off to the races. Apply for anything that appeals to you, regardless of the posting date on the ad. You may have missed the closing date on the original ad but you may get lucky and catch them as they are about to advertise again.

Also, check [url="http://www.tefl.com "]TEFL.com[/url] from time to time.
Thanks alot tesolguy I really appreciate your help. By the way, where are you from??