Hello everyone
My name is Asperella and i am 26 years old Single male . I am from Chile but currently working in the middle east . I dont have many friends since im new in Middle east so I would love to make some friends here so i can talk to them in English . I really want to improve my English language .
Im sure i will get a warm welcome . IF you have any questions about me please feel free to ask .
See you people around .
Take care everyone and have a lovely day .Emotion: smile

Love .

Asperella C Corta

Hi Asperella,

What part of Chile are you from? Which part of the Middle East are you in now? How did you manage to end up there?
hi there asperella .. hope we can be freinds coz im in the midleeast to ^_^ im 23 english teacher

where in the midleeast ?? which country ?
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Hello Esperlla;

I am from the middle east. If i can help you with anything. I am ready
u look like friendly:D