Hi,I'm a chinese girl ,21years old.

Do you want to make friends with me,please add my MSN!

I'm very glad to talk with you!!

This is my picture:
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Hey ,

I'm glad 2 write 2 u ,,

Yup sure ,

take care , and welcome in English Forums
Hi Hidda!Welcome to the EF! Emotion: smileEmotion: smile
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Hi hidda ,

me to new here..saw ur photo..i am sumith from India..keep in touch
hii, I am new2.

my name is libra~~~hola!!everyone.
i'm also chinese too
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eventually, I find a beauty of my Country! hahahaha

Glad to see you!
Hi Hidda,
It looks like that you're living in a dorm, right?
Anyway, welcome to EF.
hi hidda!

i´d like to be your friend

I´m 23 y.o. and my msn adress is [removed by mod; please add it to your profile, thanks]

c ya!
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