Should I write a comma in the next examples?

1) Hello friend,

[text of a letter].
2) Hello, friend,

[the same].
I have noticed that many people don't use a comma. They just say, "Hello someone, ". Is it right?

And one more question. Should I use commas after and before "please"?

1a) Can you, please, help me?
1b) Can you please help me?

2a) Can you help me, please?
2b) Can you help me please?

3a) Please, help me.
3b) Please help me.

Which sentences are correct?

I'm sorry if you have been over this before but I was searching and didn't find the answer.
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Nr. 1 is fine to me; very often ther's no need of using commas.

1) Could you help me please? (sounds better - however just my own opinion about it)

1b) is ok

2b) is ok, but same as "1)"

If using it at the beginning of the sentence, I'd use a comma after please, as in 3b).

Hope this helps.
Thank you, YoHf.

I would like to hear teachers' opinion too.

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Hello, Ruslana!

My way of writing (to friends) my be more ancient...

I'd write (as you can see from above): Hello, Friend (James) ,/!

Can you please help me?/Can you help me, please?/Please, help me.../Please help me!
Hello, Pieanne! Emotion: big smile

The ancient way is what I wanted to know indeed. I think this way still works, doesn't it? Why are you talking about writing to friends? Are there any other ways? I mean if the rule changes then.
I'm talking about writing to friends because your letter's obviously addressed to friends. If it's more formal, there are no "!".
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Oh, I see! Thank you!

By the way, if we are talking about greetings, do you think it is polite to say, "Hello, all [everybody, everyone, people, members, etc]!"?
"Hello, all of you" ?

I see your emoticons are doing well?
"Hi everyone"?

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