The table provides information about how many audience who watch sports in TV in some developed countries.

Overall, in all 4 countries , citizens spend the highest time on watching Tennis and golf and significantly les on motor racing and athletics.

Of the 4 countries , the number of people who watch tennis and golf in USA is equivalent to 7 and 11.2 millions, making this the highest among the four. This figure in other countries fluatuate 6.1 to 6.6. Morever, the number of audiences watching golf in Australia less than 4.5 millions compared to 3.4 by the Canadian and 2.8 by the English.

Oppositely, motor racing and athletics less paid attention. Notably, only 1.1 millions in Canada and 1.5 millions inUSA follow motor racing but it is more popular in the UK and Canada. The total number of viewers for motor racing is nearly 13 million , the lowest among the four.

Can we see the table please?

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