I've got a proplem and that's why I feel depressed.It started when I was in kindergarten during which my love for English started.My teachers taught me using the British accent and I think that now (23 yars old) I'm good at English.I even took a cource in the British Council here in Saudi Arabia. Well, where's my problem?? I sometimes feel that I know nothing and I hesitate before talking because most of my pals speak the American accent. I know that it's not a big problem but you don't know how much disappointed I get when I listen to their jokes about my accent.When I read a novel ,of course I'm not a native speaker, I feel depressed when I find any new word and then I say,' You will never learn.'Please help me I know that the people resposible for this forum will never let me down. Please advice me..Emotion: sad
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Hello There Desert!

Isnt it cool to speak in British accent?Emotion: stick out tongue Come on! it doesnt matter if people speak in an English or American accent, what matters is you grab the essentials of a language! I dont think there is anyone in this world who knows ALL the words found in a dictionary,including Mr. Blair and Mr.BushEmotion: big smile.

So relax and keep that sexy British accent alive!!!Emotion: wink


P.S: Im not British Emotion: stick out tongue
Don't worry about your British accent. I prefer it to American accents and I'm sure lots of other people do to.
Remember: there's American English, and there's Proper English! LOL ;-)
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Oh,thanks dear Savvy your words are really refreshing and full of hope.I loved what you said about Bush and Blair,it's very funny.Sweety if you dont mind, can you tell me how to keep my accent alive.Emotion: thinking
Oh, dear Savvy thanks for your wonderful words.They are really refreshing and full of hope.I like what you said about Bush and Blair,it's very funny.Sweety can you please tell me how I can keep my accent alive.Emotion: rolleyes
doodles, you really have got a fantastic name because I like to doodle alot.Dear,.Thanks for your care but I hope you don't mind if I asked you about the proper English that you've mentioned.Thanks again for your encouraging words love.Emotion: smile
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Hi Desert

Well, there are many ways to keep accents alive.How about watching British movies/sitcoms and interacting with British friends ( if you have ), or simpler just keep talking in English with people. However if you are always conscious about your accent , it's going to lack originality.

It's always good to be yourself, is it not?Emotion: smile

Hello Desert,

If you speak English as well as you write it you are going to get yourself into trouble if you try and change your accent at the age of 23. This would be difficult even for a native speaker of English. To the extent that it is possible (and of course some people do change the way they speak) you would need to be immersed in the community whose way of speaking you wish to adopt for a good while (How long depends on the individual). I know Scottish people who have lived in England for years and not lost their accent. You cannot learn this sort of thing (at least very easily) from classes or tapes. If you try to change you will probably end up with a hybrid way of speaking that will sound odd.
Hi Desert!
You mustnt be depressed becouse of this small problem. I think its cooler to speak in British accent like in American. Well my opinion is that more of the people around the world speak in American accent becouse its easyer to learn then the British accent, so you are the one who speaks the same language but using an other accent like the other and in my eyes its cool! Isnt it?
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