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Hello! I Can't Change My

hello! I can't change my username. The field is grey. What should I do?


Hello, I didn't verify my email after registering on this forum. The email address is Email Removed Now, the verification link has expired, so I was wondering if an administrator...

Delete A Post?

Kindly delete this post [link]

How To Attach A File?

Could anyone tell me how to attach an image file in this question form?

How To Change My Usename

How can I cange my username? On the setting page, the field is grey and I cannot type anything.

How To Contact Posters?

Hi. I don't see how to contact the posters?


How do I delete a photo that I uploaded?

How To Post Link To Books

How to do I post the links to my books that forum members can access? Thanks.

How I Can Just My User Nam And Delete...

I don't know whats wrong with this website or forums but we will have a big problem. can someone who me how to delete a post and also edit my user name for privacy thank you I...


Im old user from englishfroms.com, I have a problem. my account is already deleted, but when I search my mail on google, I saw my profile photo on EnglishForward.com, I dont know...

Delete Account?

I tried to delete my account, but it didn't work. Please help me to delete my account. Thank you.

Remove Aperisic?

Would you please remove/delete the account of aperisic? Thank you.

Request That A Thread Be Moved

Please move the thread here [link] to English Audio: Speech & Pronunciation Thanks.

I Am A New User.What

i am a new user.what does the yin-yang symbol indicate?

Reply Notice?

I wonder ask, when I create a topic, someone answered me, then I replied back, how can I let him know I am replied? Since I had create 2 topics, but the topic seem like end with...

Downloading Problem?

Write your question here..Hey I wanna download all your video clips but there is no any download option...Tell me how can i download it

Why Do I Always Have To Re-Log In ?

every time I shut down my computer and then log on to EF the site requires me to log in again. What in the world? Can't it just automatically apply cookies?

Number Of Post Visible Per Page

Is there any way to increase the number- 10 is painful when there is 9+ pages?

Plz Can U Tell Me

plz can u tell me how can i record my voice ?

Edit A Post Or Delete?

Hello, please i mistakenly posted 2 letters and i have been trying to delete the other one, i couldn't. Kindly help please.

Still Having Problem With Updating Email...

Hi! everyone. Could you tell me what's wrong with my account? Why It won't update my email address? Could any moderator swap out this problem for me? Every time I enter my email...

Hi Guys, How Do I?

Hi guys, How do I post a picture here? I need help with an esl lesson plan

Change Username?

is it possible to change my username? thanks

Edit A Post, Privacy?

How can I edit a post of mine? I signed it with my name and surname and I would like to remove it for privacy reason. Thank you in advance for your help!

Can Someone Correct The Spelling

Can someone correct the spelling of practise in My Account Do you want to practice your English with others: I think we're all aware that whether US or British English, the...
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