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Delete My Reply

Hello, could you delete my reply? Because I'm not satisfied with it. And I wrote it anonymously and the server gave me the name "fold car 881". Thanks in advance. [link]...

No Reply To My Questions

Dear all, These days I have not been receiving any answers to my questions. I would like to know its reason. Thank you. ...

Pls Delete My Post

Dear Sir/Madam. This is my posts i want to delete. Pls delete it for me. https://www.englishforums.com/English/TheBenefitsTechnologyEducation/bprkgp/post.htm thank you. ...

Dear Moderator, I Wrote This

Dear Moderator, I wrote this post that contains some rather sensitive and personal information and I was wondering if you could possibly delete it. I deleted my previous account...

Please Fix A Reply

In the thread Expression: Brown Study? the first of the two replies today has a mistake. It should say that it's not been familiar in the UK . Not was missed out. ...


Hi everyone! I am preparing materials to apply for admissions at some universities. I intend to post some of them to get reviews and correct them afterwards. However, I worry...

Account Deletion

Hi, I wanted to delete my account but I keep receiving an error message saying I should contact a moderator.

Requesting A Response For My Query

Hi.. I posted a query about two weeks ago, and am waiting for a response. It probably got lost amidst all the other queries that are pouring in.. My query is on https://www.englishforums...

Pls Delete My Posts

https://www.englishforums.com/English/PleaseCorrectWriting/bxpghh/post.htm#sc2664750 https://www.englishforums.com/English/ThisPartResearchPaperLinksBelow-DifferentAuthorIdeasParaphra...

This Message Is For The Managers Of This...

Hello the managers of this web, plagiarism software claims that I plagiarize my own post from this source, pls delete all of my posts for me )

Please Delete These Posts?

Dear Admin, Can you delete these posts, please? https://www.englishforums.com/English/WhichStatementBestDescribesView-Grammar/bxxnbz/post.htm & https://www.englishforums.com...


In my most recent post (1/1/2019), I sent a question. However I don't know how to see the answer. Could you please show me? Thanks.

Can You Please Delete This Post For Me...

Dear Moderator, Many years ago, I wrote a post that contains some rather sensitive information and I was wondering if you could possibly delete it, since it does not have...


what can i write about the positive corner on games

I Am Not Able To Post A Question

Hello! Could you help me, please? I can't post a message. It's loading and loading and nothing happens next. Thank you!

Please Change My User Name

Please change My User name 'Juniper Kim 1354' into the existing name 'Juniper Kim'.

Please Delete My Account

I want to make a new account, so please delete this account. Thank you

Activating Your Account

Это как издевательство. Куда вставить код активации? Я написал письмо, его нет answer.In в письме, нормальные люди делают ссылку на сайт и активируют ее через него.А вы?


is it possible for me to change my user name??

Can You Delete A Post For Me?

Yesterday I wrote a post and I would like to delete it. This is because I want to post it on another website but its rules stated that the post must not be posted anywhere else...

Delete A Post & Account

Dear Sir/Madam Please help me delete my post on the link under: https://www.englishforums.com/English/MotivationLetterUniversity-Application/bkkmzv/amp.htm And my account won...

A Question From A New User

Hello everyone. I am a new user and I am wondering if you guys could tell me how to use ‘englishforum’. Do I have to find a teacher to help me with my writing or just post it...

Not Receiving Answers To Questions

I've noticed that I haven't been receiving answers to new questions the last couple of weeks and don't know if it is related to a certain setup.

Could You Please Delete A Post?

Many years ago, I wrote a post that contains some rather sensitive information and I was wondering if you could possibly delete it, since it does not have any comments attached...

Delete My Account

Would all of my posts be deleted if I delete my account?
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