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Internet Language?

Can you translate what "lol" means?

Where Is The Book Review Forum?

i want to submit some interesting book reviews ,but i cant find the forum anywhere.

Utopia (Again)?

I've just sent a post about 'articles', I meant Grammar articles, no literary articles..... The posts was: I found another word starting by 'u' and whose article is 'a'...


Hello Hitchhiker and mods in general, I have a question. If I want to complain about something, which is the suitable place to do it? Topic of the moment? Make friends, meet...

Name Of The School In Malta! (Cursos Inglés...

I've seen some new spellings of Elanguest lately: elangquest, elanquest, elangwest, elanqeust, elangest, elangeust For the record it's Elanguest: Learn English
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