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Forum For Joke

There used to be a forum for jokes. Now I can't find it anywhere on/in EF. Has it been excluded from the EF?

Asking S Question From Hitchhikers

I want to ask a question from hitchhikers. I wonder where should I post the question?

A Reply To My Post Is Disappeared

Hi I received an email from EF saying that Persian learner has replied to your post "what does it mean". But when I tried to see the reply by Persian learner the post showed zero...

Test Message.

This is a test message—please ignore.

I Want To See All My Posts

I want to see all my posts new, old and older in same place. What should I do? I searched for it a lot but couldn't find any icon or section for this.

What Does It Mean

My post "Round" has this message. What does it mean? should I wait for more replies?

Unable To Edit Or Delete My Posts On My...

Hi moderators, I cannot edit or delete my posts on my mobile phone. Are other users experiencing the same problem? Or is it because there is something wrong with my phone. Could...

I Want To Change My Email Id .

I want to change my email id.

Move My Post Here

I have posted a post under the subject "OMG! Adds" on "General English Grammar" section as "anonymous". Please, somebody move that post here in help section as I couldn't find...

OMG! Adds.

Hi Hitchhikers! It's me Sundar Naz. I thought EF was an add free site but now I'm seeing the adds of iflax and daraaz.Pk on the page "End of holidays" Is it the part of new look...

What Happened To EF?

Hi hitchhikers! I'm seeing a different look of EF on my mobile phone. Have you and your team made modifications to EF recently or my net connection is not working well?

Delete Post

Hello:) I am so sorry to ask for this, but can you please delete my post? I posted my motivational letter which I need to send to the university, but they are not going to accept...

New Test Thread

Another test message.

Not Receive Notification Emails From Subscribed...

(Please kindly forward this thread to a proper place if necessary as I am unable to find one.) I have not been sent notification emails from subscribed threads recently. (No...

Menu Not Working

Hi, The menu at the top of the page is not working for me anymore. When I hover over Forums , Students , etc. nothing happens. Is that a known issue or something on my end?...


Im new here. I dont know how to sign up. Plz help

I'd Like To Change My

I'd like to change my username, can you help?


Hello, I am a new member. I want to post my writing but I don't know how to post it. Could you help me?

I Need To Delete This Account

want a new one, and delete this account, include all info and pics

I Can't Join Chat Rooms...

Hello, I've a problem entering chat room, may be because i had been away for years. So I need to remember how it works. I tried to refresh the page many times but this was useless...

Post Pending Moderation

Why now, each time I post, the screen shows "Post Pending Moderation"? Usually I could post instantly. Did the moderators decide to keep an eye on me because of that post about...

Change The User Name

Hi, I need to change my user name to Lucky Moon...plzzzz help me or delete my account

Pms Downloadable?

Hi. Is there any way I can download my private messages? Thanks.

Android App

Is there an android app for asking questions and chatting? I find it nowhere~

Delete Post

Could you please delete one of my posts? I posted the same letter of motivation twice, I'm sorry, it was an honest mistake. Thank you!
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