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Why Can't I See A Certain Post Of Mine...

I have received replies on that upright corner notifier section, but when I clicked on that notification where it says I have replies posted by others, it directed me to a random...

In Order To Update My Question. It Seems...

Post Pending Moderation A moderator will need to approve this post before it becomes publicly available. If the administrator has configured this forum to support email notifications...

Please, Delete This Post

Hello, could you please delete this post? I just needed my essay checked and I'm afraid my teacher would not believe it was written by me. https://www.EnglishForward.com/English...

Why Is The Access To My Topic Denied?

Hello, everyone! I have posted a new question 16.05.15, and everything was ok. Now, when I try to watch the answers, it's written "Access Denied You do not have permissions to...

Search Tool

I use my cell phone for this forum. I can not find search box that I used before. Where I can find search box to search a specific words or usage? In desktop I can see search...

Hi Friends I Am Very?

hi friends i am very confusing how to start a chat? & how to know who are in online? help me please

Permanently Delete My Account

I just want to permanently delete my account but it kept saying "contact a moderator"

Searching Post?

I am not the register user. Is there any short cut to search the post which was posted few days before?

Please,Delete These Posts!!!

Please, delete these posts!!! There are no replies anyway!!! [link] [link]

Please Delete It! I Posted

Please delete it! i posted as anonimous and can't delete. [link]

My Messages Are Not Sending?

My messages are not sending in Chat. Anyhelp?????

Verification Of Account

Hi, I just joined the forum. I have no way to verify my account. Can somebody fix this?

Those Someone's Following You Notifications...

Despite the fact that I already clicked on them, the total number of them still pops up at the upper right corner where it displays the number of notifications for new posts and...

Is There Any Way To Block Someone On Here...

As titled. Is there any way to do this? Thanks!

Can't Signup

Does anyone know why the register not working?

Defective Home Icon?

Hi moderator The Home icon is not working. When I tap on it, it doesn't go to my posts. Please rectify the problem. Thanks. Ms Tam P/S The problem started at least one month...

Why I Can't Find My Posts?

Why my posts are deleted?


Is there a problem with the search? I can't find any post? Thanks

Do I Need An Account To Ask A Question...

As per subject line. I asked a question, but can't see it anywhere. The FAQ says look in the "Home" drop down menu, but all I see is "Photos/Famous Quotes/Word Games." Also, I...

Please, Delete My Posts [Link]

Please, delete my posts [link] [link] [link] [link] [link] [link] [link] [link]

Pleaseplease Delete My Post Please?

Dear Moderator, I would like you to delete my previous post: [link] I understand that to delete a post is against the rule of this site but I desperately want the post deleted...

Can We Have A Hot Key To The List Of Our...

That will seriously be great! Thanks.


How to delete the topic?

How I Can Delete My Account

Please delete my account and all posts

The Research Of Dystopian Genre

Greetings to all! Now I'm working on му graduation work devoted to the research of dystopian genre. My director of diploma and I decided to add another genre in the research:...
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