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Hi, I want to delete my account. I have tried many times, updated chrome, adblock off and cleared cookies. Please help, thanks.


This user has a second account, ( https://www.englishforums.com/user/cjzhl/profile.htm )and will not be using the old account - Phuongngandora. https://www.englishforums.com...

Is It Possible To Delete My Letter?

Hello! Is it possible to delete this letter, please ? : https://www.englishforums.com/English/LetterMotivationMastersDegree-Application/bxcgwq/post.htm (Title of the thread...

Can't Delete My Account

Hi, I can't delete my account

Old Posts Gone?

Hi, everyone. I can't seem to find all my old posts. Only the last 10 posts are visible. What could be the problem? Could someone fix this? Thanks. ...

Deleting My Account

I mistakingly created an account, and I have tried to delete it, however, it says an unknown service error occurred, and it told me to contact a moderator. How can I delete my...

Looking Up Older Posts?

Hello Moderators, The same problem that I had several months ago came up again. I can't see my old posts if I put their titles in the search box of this forum. Please fix it...

Technical Problem

Hi everyone, I seem to have a little problem which I already had a couple of months ago. The thing is that I can’t review my old posts. When I unfold my notifications, I can...

Technical Problem?

Hi everyone, I seem to have a little problem which I already had a couple of months ago. The thing is that I can’t review my old posts. When I unfold my notifications, I can...

Can't Able To See The Answer

I hv sent a question. However don't able to see it. Could you help me

Pronunciation Exercises?

Hello I have a problem with the pronunciation exercises they are mute . Thanks

ADMINS Please Help?

Hello ! Sorry to bother you but I would like to delete my question in case of misunderstanding with my university. I would be very thankful. Link to the question: [link] ...


In my most recent post (1/1/2019), I sent a question. However I don't know how to see the answer. Could you please show me? Thanks.

Can't See The Answer

My most recent post (12/17/18) appears to have been answered anonymously, but I don't see an answer. What should I do? Thanks!

Help - Technical Issue?

Hi, I'm very sorry to bother you with this, but I seem to have a technical problem. I cannot access my old posts and it almost looks like they disappeared, except they didn’t...

Please Delete My Letter Of Motivation

Hey, Please delete my letter of motivation because I don't want it to show on Google. Thank you. Here are the links to the posts about my letter of motivation. https://www.englishforums...

Password Recovery?

Hello hello! I was wondering if I could get some help recovering my password. I no longer use the email I used to log into the forums, so the 'normal' way to recover my password...

Question And Answer?

I was editing a draft for posting on this site . Accidentally it disappeared. Where can I find my incomplete draft and how?

Motivation Letter

I am new here and I need help with proof reading my motivation letter for scholarship applications. Kind regards. Thanks ...

Question Removal.

https://www.EnglishForward.com/English/HowSentencePunctuated/bnglrd/post.htm#sc2538317 I want this question removed from the forum: not the answer I was looking for at all...

Join Forum?

Dear all, I'm learner English from Vietnam. I would like to join forum, however I don't know how to register? Please kindly advise. Thank you a lot! ...

Delete Introduction

Can you help me, how to delete my introduction?

Can You Delete My Essay For Me, Please...


Please Delete My Essay. Here Is Link

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