I just posted a simple grammar question..

titled (....)

The problem is, everytime I try to open the page to see Clive's reply, an erorr page displays, the page is no where to be found.

SoI'm thinking reposting my question, if that's alright with Clive.Emotion: big smileEmotion: stick out tongue
Hi Anon,

You have to give your posts a title that uses words, not symbols.

It's a quirk of the forum. If you title your post ... or !! or anything like that, it will take it, but no one can open it. Clive must have replied to it directly from the moderators' area for anonymous posts, or even he would not have been able to open it to reply.

I'm afraid you'll have to repost your question with a "proper" title this time - remember, no symbols! Emotion: smile