When people go to tiolet : The PEE and ???????

I use the word PASSING MOTION as I read it on a toilet deodrant product!
I'm not sure if u guys know what i'm talking about (It may sound rude but what i was talking about is to *** / Passing motion in the toilet Emotion: stick out tongue)

I'm hoping that someone can tell me the exact word to use as sometimes i heard the Americans call it POO or something like that on tv Emotion: stick out tongue
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Emotion: smile really?
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Crap is another word for poo - but not polite. To be honest, I can't think of any time you need to discuss such things in a polite way apart from with your doctor (use urinate/defacate) - otherwise the polite way is not to mention it!
Well, in the UK we 'have a dump', or 'go for a dump'. I'm not sure what they do elsewhere...

You can also 'dump on someone (from a great height)'. Metaphorically, of course. ('Of coarse'?)

How poetic...
(I'll keep it in mind)
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There was a joke - I forgot where it originated. It went something like "Feeling depressed. Feel like the bottom has fallen out of your world? Eat prunes and watch the world fall out of your bottom".

(Sorry, couldn't resist!) Emotion: smile
The other one is: dump

Oops. I see it's already been identified above.